Bits and Bobs

Since the recent snowfall seems to have caught people off guard, life slowed down even more than in normal-weather-lockdown. Since I live off a main road (although it is really just 100 metres away) DHL acts like winter is such a surprise that package delivery is impossible. This means no fabric to sew with, which … More Bits and Bobs

Seamwork Mel Joggers

I don’t do sports apart from cycling to work. Hence, I used to not own any sportswear. I now am the happy owner of this pair of joggers, although technically they don’t count as sportswear, do they? People never seem to wear bottoms like this when exercising anymore, its all yoga pants and specialist fabrics. … More Seamwork Mel Joggers

Leather Purses

My sister and I have been gifted several boxes of fabric by our grandma’s friend. Among those boxes were two very sizeable boxes of leather, huge and small pieces of smooth leather and suede in several colours. I had some time on my hands this week so I started to put that leather into good … More Leather Purses

Seamwork Gretta III

How do they say? Never change a winning team? Well, meet my third Seamwork Gretta top! After my first wearable muslin I perfected the fit of the pattern with my second version. My second version which I made out of a mystery rayon crepe has become a summer wardrobe staple. Roughly a year ago I … More Seamwork Gretta III