Shoulder Strap Clutch

  This clutch/handbag sort of manifested itself in my head right after bought the fabric (this wool/poly blend from Frau Tulpe in Berlin). I do own a handful of handbags but I have been using the same old black artificial leather one for nearly 8 years now, except for special occasions. I usually like my … More Shoulder Strap Clutch

Carry-all pincushion

This is the Carry-all Pincushion from  Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  I followed the pattern to the word apart from the placement of the scissors strap. I also made the pouch for the crushed walnut shells, crushed my walnuts with a hammer, and filled the rest of the pincushion with quilt batting scraps.  It sits securely … More Carry-all pincushion

Triangular Pouches

Need a last minute gift? Want to use up small fabric scraps? This triangular pouch is my go-to project for quick satisfaction. I drafted the pattern myself based on a 16 cm zipper (this tutorial outlines the construction method). I sandwiched a layer of fusible interfacing or quilt batting (whatever leftovers I had to hand) … More Triangular Pouches


I’m usually not into cute animal print fabrics. But these are sloths. Lazy, friendly, totally content sloths. And it’s oilcloth. And the colour palette is beautifully muted. And…, anyway. I bought both fabrics at a Japanese fabrics stall at a Dutch fabric market in my German hometown (pretty international project, isn’t it?) for rather a … More Lunchbag

Weekend Trip

This bag has the ideal size for a weekend trip. Most of the time though it serves as the oversized lunch bag on family car journeys. The bag is very loosely based on the Pop the Corks Bag from CUT magazine #12. Modifications: changed materials (no cork) adjusted proportions to zipper length kept triangular form added … More Weekend Trip

Racket Sleeve

I am not exactly what you’d call athletic and in general sports bore me. But since it’s no good sitting at the desk all day I started playing badminton a couple of months ago. It’s a sport that has just the right amount of “game” to let you forget how exhausting it can be. Since … More Racket Sleeve


  My friend Anna has a very simple leather coinpurse with two compartments. Since I couldn’t get my hands on decent leather scraps I developed a pattern for fabric coinpurses. I used canvas weight throughout and I also enforced the outer fabric with fusible interfacing (both to make it less sloppy and to hold up … More Coinpurses

Rainbow clutch

This clutch is a modified version of Anna Graham’s rainbow clutch which can be found in Handmade Style. I omitted the tab and magnetic snap and used a normal snap instead which I sewed on by hand. The clutch is lined with same the rust-coloured  fabric you can see outside. The turquoise fabric with feather … More Rainbow clutch


This handbag is a gift for my sister. It is an improvised design with a tubular body, zipper and shoulder strap. The outer fabric is a cotton+steel canvas with gold sprinkles and the lining is a navy blue IKEA canvas. The bag is big enough to fit a half litre water bottle, phone, keys and … More Handbag

Twin Quilts

A friend is expecting twin boys so I made baby quilts. The quilt tops consist of 4 inch squares and I used poly batting because it is easy to handle, quick dry and durable. Both quilts share some fabrics to stress the twin theme but each quilt has its own character. I opted for very … More Twin Quilts