Sloths at breakfast time

I’m usually not into cute animal print fabrics. But these are sloths. Lazy, friendly, totally content sloths. And it’s oilcloth. And the colour palette is beautifully muted. And…, anyway. I bought both fabrics at a Japanese fabrics stall at a Dutch fabric market in my German hometown (pretty international project, isn’t it?) for rather a lot of money.

I knew I wanted to make a lunchbag so I went online for inspiration. I discovered a tutorial which I used as a rough guideline. At first I opted for the closure indicated in the tutorial because I liked, that it would enable me to adjust the bag size to whatever is inside. However, when I tried to put something inside it turned out that the bag didn’t really carry much one the top part was rolled down enough to keep closed. I the ripped a couple of seems and reattached on of the velcro straps as shown in the picture. Worked a charm- the bag fits more and the closure is secure.


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