Racket Sleeve

000000I am not exactly what you’d call athletic and in general sports bore me. But since it’s no good sitting at the desk all day I started playing badminton a couple of months ago. It’s a sport that has just the right amount of “game” to let you forget how exhausting it can be.

Since I only borrowed the racket I wanted to protect it. I borrowed a teammate’s shop bought sleeve, took the measurements and improvised my own. The outer fabric is a Birch Fabrics canvas. The sleeve is lines with and old Ikea duvet cover and padded with quilter’s fleece. The zipper runs along about a third of the sleeve so the racket can be slipped out easily. I used satin bias tape from my stash to hide the raw edges. I am fairly new to working with bias tape, so it looks a bit wonky and there are two areas where the binding didn’t catch all of the fabric but that can be repaired. I added two straps in case I ever want to carry it with a shoulder strap.


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