Carry-all pincushion


This is the Carry-all Pincushion from  Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  I followed the pattern to the word apart from the placement of the scissors strap. I also made the pouch for the crushed walnut shells, crushed my walnuts with a hammer, and filled the rest of the pincushion with quilt batting scraps.  It sits securely on the table and still looks rectangular (in contrast to some other pincushions).

If you want to make the pincushion I would advise you to put a bit more time into crushing the walnuts into fine pieces (remove nuts prior to crushing entirely) because some of my pieces were still a bit large which made it difficult to stick the needles into the cushion.

Apart from that, it is a nice pattern and makes for a nice gift for crafty friends.


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