Shoulder Strap Clutch



This clutch/handbag sort of manifested itself in my head right after bought the fabric (this wool/poly blend from Frau Tulpe in Berlin). I do own a handful of handbags but I have been using the same old black artificial leather one for nearly 8 years now, except for special occasions. I usually like my handbags to fit a half-litre waterbottle, purse, phone and keys . This bag doesn’t fit the bottle and a big purse makes it look wonky – but made it I because I liked the look of it (the foldover part does have a purely aesthtic function, in fact it is rather unpractical). I improvised the pattern after taking inspiration from this clutch.

I stabilized the main fabric with fusible woven interfacing, and the straps with fusible batting. I had to improvise with the zipper because I had already cut the fabric only to discover that 25 cm metal zippers were sold out/unavailable in every shop in my hometown. In the end I had to use a 22 cm one- so I made zipper tabs. The shoulder strap is 105 cm long and was cut on straight grain to save fabric. I picked up the green artificial leather 10 years ago in an interior decorator’s scrap bin and used half of what I had left for this bag.



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