This was the only photo I took before wearing and washing them, so that’s all you get.

Few of my handmade clothing items actually made it into heavy rotation wearing. For numerous reasons: I chose the wrong fabric, I didn’t know how to modify the pattern to fit my 3-different-sizes-body, I made some mistakes during sewing which made the fabric fray or rip or look wonky. There seems to be one common foctor: me! I can’t really blame the patterns.

I was thinking of sticking to sewing bags and gifts altogether because I got frustrated with spending hours (well, let’s be honest, days in my case) working on a piece of clothing that wasn’t seeing much wear. I digress. I wanted a quick and fairly easy project that could be made again and again without to much planning or thinking, and didn’t require too much fabric. So I went for undies (another plus being that possible wonkiness wouldn’t be spotted as easily). I started out with a free online pattern, which I didn’t like in terms of fit (too hipster-like) and construction method (no elastic for leg openings). Other available online patterns were to expensive (bad experience, see above). So I caved in and finally drafted my own from an old pair. Best choice ever. The floral print jersey ones were my first ever handmade undies and the fit is pretty good. The mix and match aesthetic of fabric and elastics is due to the fact that I started out with the lace elastic waistband ( I took whatever elastic I had in my stash) and then switched to fold over elastic for the leg opening because that makes for a cleaner finish.

For the purple stretch lace slip I tweaked the pattern a bit more and bought matching fold over elastic and they turned out superb! Several tutorials state you should measure your waist and cut the elastic for the waistband around 3 cm shorter. I threw caution to the wind and cut my waistband elastic 13 cm shorter than my measurment because I was afraid that otherwise the undies wouldn’t stay put. Worked like a charm.  Watch this space for more underwear!


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