Work Wardrobe

Yes, I can see the creases at the front but I don’t care.

This is by no means the first skirt I have ever sewn. But all the others were either very improvised (and looked it) or proved uncomfortable with wear. This skirt however looks nice and fits. This might be due to the fact that I used a proper pattern and not just a circle skirt/gathered rectangle variation. The pattern is 107 (here) from Burda Style 12/1202 (see a longer version 109 here) but it doesn’t remotely look like any of the examples in the magazine because I went rouge with my choice of fabric ( a thin and drapey wool poly blend- I only needed 0.5 metres and had leftovers from this clutch).

Modifications: I made a straight size 42 because I was intending to wear the skirt on my hips rather than my waist and I went for the mini version ( finished length 42 cm). I modified the waistline by lining the skirt with a thin poly from my stash and then topstitching 0.5 cm from the edge. That invisible zipper is the first I ever put in any garment and it came out quite nicely (mind you, I do not have an invisible zipper foot!). I attached the lining to the zipper by hand.

Next time I will take the back darts in more because there is a tiny bit of gaping at the back of the waistband and the skirt would benefit from being a bit more snug around the top part. But other than that I am quite content and I will sew this again.




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