Tri-fold wallet


My new wallet is the tri-fold wallet from Lisa Lam’s book A bag for all Reason (German title Taschen für alle Gelegenheiten). The wallet has 8 card slots (although the instructions say it’s only 6) a clever coin compartment (without zipper or fastners) and a slot for notes.

I like it and I will use it but I cannot recommend the book/instructions. I am glad I took the book from my local library instead of buying it because the instructions were confusing, rather superficial and the German translation is horrible (Clearly the interpreter doesn’t know much about sewing). Mind you, the English original is fine language-wise but the instructions are no better than the German ones.

So what’s wrong with the instructions and how did I modify them?

  1. The given fabric amounts are totally misleading. For some of the pieces (and the interfacing) scraps would be enough.
  2. The pattern pieces are incoherent. One piece is supposed to be cut on fold, the others are not. In the “cut out pattern pieces section” the size of another piece is indicated as 90x11cm. In the “how to put it together section” you are then told to cut this piece into 8 smaller pieces. I know it saves time to iron on the interfacing first and then cut it apart but this could have been stated earlier on- I spent ages looking for a 90 cm scrap.
  3. The instructions warn you not to use home dec weight for the exterior and card slot fabric- but rather quilting weight because of the multiple layers. Firstly, even interfaced quilting weight is not as durable as a good canvas or home dec, and secondly, the instructions only refer to “woven fusible interfacing” for the card slots- no interfacing weigths given. I used a Birch fabrics canvas by Charley Harper which worked perfectly even with the multiple layers involved in the card slots. I interfaced the exterior piece with the sturdiest interfacing I could find, and the card slots only with a very lightweight one.
  4. The instruction do not tell you how to attach the wallet tab the correct way around. They simply state where to attach it.
  5. The instructions omit how and where to attach the coin pouch. Yes I know it is obvious where, but I wasted a lot of time looking for the instructions because I was afraid of doing this step too early on. I thought there was a reason for not attaching it – turns out there wasn’t.
  6. I omitted the division of the notes slot in step 14. I wish I hadn’t-it would stabilise the wallet. I might redo that bit.

    There is space for one more card just behind the topmost cards.

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