Bronte Top

I don’t really like jersey- often it looks too casual for my taste. I own about three shop bought jersey tops and a couple of camisoles but that’s about it. I did sew with jersey before (underwear Undies #3) and it went alright so I thought I could attempt the Bronte Top by Jennifer Lauren. I was drawn to the pattern because of the unusual soulder detail and the versions of others online looked as if the they fit without too much modification and alteration. I bought a twin needle to make the visible seams strechy and serged the other seams with my overlocker, both worked out pretty well. Photos are pre washing the final piece (and I hadn’t pressed the sleeve caps yet).


On the plus side:


  • Although my bust, waist and hip measuremtns usually fall into 3 different sizes, I was surprised to find that this was not the case with this top. I sewed a straight size 10 and I didn’t even have to take it in at the waist.
  • Sewing with jersey wasn’t as hard as I thought- my seams are strechy and don’t pucker.
  • The pattern is well written but I was scared that the tips of the back neckline binding (which are supposed to be attached to specific points of the front) became distorted when I attached them to the back bodice and so I feared the sleeve cap wouldn’t fit the sleeves. All worries completely unnesseccary.
  • The sleeves seemed a bit tight, so I changed their seam allowance from 1 cm to 0.5 cm which worked out just fine. I will change that on my pattern pieces for any future Brontes.


On the down side:

  • As you can see in the photos, the back neckline doesn’t lie flat and there is a lot of puckering going around. I’m not quite sure yet what the reason for this might be, but I think it might be that my shoulders are too narrow and I should adjust the back bodice accordingly. Problem is, I have no clue how to do this without having to adjust the sleeves as well. Edit: I think this might work without being too much effort:neckline adjustment .
  • With taxes and all, I paid over 13 Euro for this pattern, which is rather a lot.




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