Cut-Out Dress Without Cut-Out

This dress has been finished for quite a while but photos were hard to come by. An excellent photo oppurtunity arose when visitng Milan’s cathedral in the summer holidays! The pattern is a heavily modified Dress 116 from Burda Style 08/2014 and the  fabric is a simple mint green rayon, but it is heavy enough to not require lining ( I managed to squeeze it out of 1.5 metres, but in future squeezing won’t be necessary because I changed the pattern pieces a lot after cutting them.) I finished the neck and sleeves with mint green satin bias tape I had lying around. It is quite shiny but after I spent days altering the dress so it would fit I just couldn’t bring myself to more time consuming methods of finishing. I also somehow forgot to take notes on which size I cut out and the magazine is back at the library, but it must have been 36 or 38.

susi - 7
Going all wrinkly to visit the cathedral was totally intendended and had nothing to do with the dress having been stuffed into a backpack for 3 days…


  • The orignal dress has an asymetrical hem which I didn’t like at all, so I improvised and changed the pattern pieces to resemble a normal hem. Since I dont have any curved ruler or other tool used for drawing hems I just winged it- which took a looong time. The pices never seemed to be curved in a nice way. Maybe I should get a ruler…
  • I shortened the skirt by 9 cm,  and folded the hem in at 3 cm.
  • I altered the skirt sides a lot as well- taking them in, but its still not enough.
  • I omitted the cut out in the back pattern piece.
  • I took the bodice pattern pieces in by 2 cm at the waist- a total of 8 cm !
  • I improvised the elastic waistband- I simply attached it to the seam allowance so I can easily exchange it once it lost its elasticity.
  • I added 1 cm to the sleeves.
  • In order to be able to wear it with a belt (which is needed because the bodice is a tad too long) I added belt loops.

I like the dress because its light and swingy and it has a nice colour. Next time would take the skirt in a bit more- there is just too much fabric a the sides falling in huge folds. I would also take of 2 cm of  bodice length so it falls more at my natrual waist and put in a stronger elastic.

If I come across a nicely patterned rayon (patterned because then, hopfully, wrinkles won’t be as obvious) again I will definitely sew another one- this time maybe even with proper neckline facing…

susi - 3
Bonus picture of me and a giant sloth and extra wrinkliness. They way the belt looks lopsided- the sloth’s fault entirely.



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