Baby Pants

The red fabric was bought in my local fabric store, the bunny one is from Cotton+Steel

It’s the holidays and I wanted to get into sewing again. I also wanted to use fabric I already have so I decided to make some baby pants out of leftovers for babies of friends . The pattern is from Burda Style kids 2016 and there are several versions in the magazine in different fabrics. The materials section asked for cotton, and not necessairily jersey, so I went for it. ( I know jersey baby pants are more practical, but I didn’t have any big enough scraps and the pattern called for cotton or sweat, so cotton it is.) The pants only have one pattern piece to be cut twice on the fold and 3 seams- so it is a quite straightforward project. As most often with Burda, the explanations are pretty basic, so it was unclear for me which of the 4 different given  pattern lines for the waistband were the ones I needed for my chosen version. So again, I improvised by picking the two that seemed most logical for me. I finished all the seams for the waistband and leg openings apart from 2 cm, then I put the elastic inside, connected both elastic ends and as a last step, closed the holes.


My first pair were the red ones.The pattern, labelled as a 68, came out more like a 62 with quite short legs ( I tested it on a size 62 baby, and the legs were already short). So I added an additional 2 cm to the legs in the next pair (bunny ones). I also shortened the top part by 1 cm, because I dont see the point of folding in 2cm for the waistband, when 1 is enough. I also dont see why you’re supposed to cut 50 cm of elastic to achieve a waist circumference of 44 cm- that’s quite a bit of waste, so I cut 46 cm and made the ends of the elastic overlap by 2 cm.




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