half a year for one buttonhole


modelled photos will follow once the rain ceases

This skirt (Kelly Skirt) has been in the making for ages. I started it sometime last year and after some struggles (see below) finished it apart from the last buttonhole (second from the top) which I didn’t dare making because I didn’t cut back my seam allowance and so the waistband was quite bulky there.So my 98% percent skirt sat in the t0- be-finished- pile for several months until I decided to just give it a go. I squeezed it under my presser foot and with some force managed to sew a halfway decent (albeit wonky) buttonhole. It was late at night by then. Next morning I discovered that the thread I used for the final buttonhole was NOT the same I used for the others- it was quite a brighter shade of green. Frustrated as I was by then (this was supposed to be astraightforward and easy pattern) I let it sit at the back of my closet for another couple of months contemplating whether undoing the buttonhole was worth the effort. When I pulled it out yesterday in search of something else I decided to just finish the thing, screw wrong thread choices and wonky buttonholes and all. I sewed on the final button, opened the buttonhole with a seam ripper (and in the process reattached two weirdly placed buttons as well) and voila- done!

the folds are opening too much. next time I will indrease their depth

I know that choosing a drapey poly-crepe was not what the instructions asked for and that I made things harder lining the skirt. I had to redo the button bands because my first attempt was somehow twisted and did not lie flat.

There are some aspects you should pay attention to when sewing this skirt:

  • a drapey fabric works alright, just makes for a different look
  • a slippery lining is not recommended
  • the skirt will need to be modified if your waist measurement and hip measurement are 3 sizes apart (like mine)- I had to shorten the waistband, and skirt panels accordingly which resulted in moving the pleats to the middle of the front and back skirt panels. I think the better choice would have been to keep the panels’ original width and deepen the pleats- as the open quite wide in my skirt. Deeper pleats would result in a nicer A line of the skirt.
  • take care to cut back your seam allowances for the waistband (or don’t if you like a buttonhole challenge)
  • don’t think you’re smarter than the pattern: It says to do vertical buttonholes, which I found weird. So I made mine horizontal. Big mistake. This meant I had to sew on my buttons off center of my button band for the skirt to look normal when closed (because otherwise the button band with button holes wouldn’t have covered the band below properly)
  • IMG_2037
    arrogance results in off-centre buttons

Details and modifications:

  • fabric: poly crepe (I bought a metre, I think) and fancy poly lining (0.7 metres was more than enough)
  • after measuring myself I found I needed to go between size XS and S for the waistband, so that’s what I did
  • afterwards I discovered my finished waistband turned out too big- I had to shorten it by 1,5 cm, same with the skirt panels (reduced width)
  • I freestyled the lining pleats
  • I freestyled button placement due to stupidity (see above)

All in all I like the skirt, I learned some useful stuff (sticking to the instructions, for example) and it shouldn’t have taken that long if I hadn’t sulked so much. I might sew it again but I would deepen the pleats considerably in order to incorporate the size difference of my waist and hips.


The difference in thread colour between buttonhole 1 and 2 is even more obvious in real life. But luckily it is barely noticeable when the skirt is closed becuase the button covers most of it.



2 thoughts on “half a year for one buttonhole

  1. I’ve got to give it to you for coming back to finish the skirt! I’ve got a pile of projects needing to be finished or adjusted.
    You chose such a lovely green and such a nice complimentary lining fabric. Each pattern makes us learn something. I think we all those moments we think we know better than the pattern. You have a brilliant end result! 🙂


    1. If my sister hadn’t told me to finish it I probably would have continued pondering whether to redo the buttohole in the correct colour for another couple months… . Yeah, you’re right, the fancy lining makes it extra pretty.

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