Bronte Top of absolute comfort


This is my second Bronte Top and I like it a lot more than my first. This is mainly due to the fabric. This time I chose a jersey with rayon content, which makes the fabric quite drapey and soft. It is also thinner and has more elastic content than my first plain cotton jersey. This results in a more comfortable top- it is less restrictive and feels nice against the skin.

The other reason for my absolute contentness with this top is that I made a neckline adjustment. My fist version did fit, but my shoulders were too narrow for the neckline of the size that fit my bust- so there was quite a bit of excess fabric at the back neckline reuslting in the shoulders shifting around.. At first I didn’t know how to remedy this without having to change the sleeves too, but then I thought about the neckline adjustment I did with my Anna Dress pattern piece. I used this tutorial as a rough guideline and reduced the pattern piece by 1 cm at the neckline (= 2cm less in back neckline after cutting out the fabric). I changed the binding accordingly- I simply chopped of 1 cm  at the fold).

Other modifications: I also serged the bodice hem and folded it up only once as to make the top a tad longer. Again, for the sleeves I used a seam allowance of 0.5 cm as opposed to the full centimetre given in the pattern.

There will follow a lot more Brontes- the top is dressy enough to wear at work, it is a quick project, requires only one metre of fabric and is very comfortable.



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