Goldfish Tee- art deco version


If you want to know about why this is called the goldfish tee, read this. This is my fifth or sixth version of this tee, again in a different fabric than the pattern called for. Instead of rayon challis, I went for a jersey with rayon content, a very slinky, drapey and elegant fabric. I’ve had this fabric for years. As I mentioned before, I am not a huge jersey fan (I know, there’s been a lot of jersey content on here lately- I hope my contradictions make me appear wild and mysterious;) but I do like a nice rayon jersey. I talked my sister into giving this to me- it was a mere 70 cm, so she didn’t really have plans for it. At the time I got the fabric, I never even sewn with jersey, but I liked the print and feel so much that I did my best convincing my sister to hand it over.

Due to the fact that it was only 70 cm it sat in my stash for a long time. I came across it few weeks ago, when I went through my bits and pieces in search for scraps to turn into a gift. When I saw this beauty of a fabric I thought of my Bronte success with rayon jersey, but the back piece can’t be squeezed out of 70 cms, so not Bronte. Then I remembered this– and by sheer luck- the pattern pieces fit. I had to reduce the seam allowance to 1 cm, fold the fabric for each front and back piece individually and  cheat with the sleeves (fabric folded cross grain- so one sleeve has a different print direction, but I don’t think it is very noticeable) but it worked. There was just enough fabric left for a neckline binding, which came out a tad too short, but still works.


The fabric being much slinkier and more elastic than in my first jersey goldfish tee, I had to take the side seams in a bit but other than that no alterations were neccessary.

I like the finished version a lot- it is more roomy in the sleeve and waist area but  looks good with a high waisted skirt. And it allowed me to put a very small piece of much liked fabric to good use. Hooray!



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