Notebook Case


There isn’t much to say about this notebook case other than that I bought a new notebook for work ( a small and light one- my back was killing me with the big one) and needed a case for it.

I measured the circumference, added 5 cm in each direction and made a paper pattern. I then cut one piece each out of main fabric and lining fabric and two out of thermolam vlieseline ( which I had lying around) for the padding. I attached the thermolam to the lining fabric and then cut back the thermolam’s seam allowance vigorously to avoid bulk. I then sewed lining, thermolam and main fabric together (seam allowance 1 cm) in a way (at least that’s what I thought) to have one hidden opening to  pull the thing through to have nice and clean outsides. Turned out it didn’t work. I had one tube made out of several layers which wouldn’t pull through like I wanted it, because I had sewn lining and outer fabric together.Well, I unpicked the side seams leaving the finished flap intact, and sewed all 4 side seams individually. That worked out just fine. One corner of the opening was a bit wonky and needed hand sewing but a) it isn’t really noticiable from afar and b) this is a notebook case, not a Chanel handbag.

I am thinking of adding elastic to the flap which then could wrap around the case securing the flap, but I could’t get my hands on anything that wasn’t flat and white yet and I don’t want to order 35 cms of grey elastic from some online shop. It’ll have to do for now.




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