Zinnia Skirt

I swear I have a second arm- you can see it in the next picture.

Meet my Colette Zinnia Skirt!

This was my first version and I didn’t do a muslin but it fits! I bought the fabric on Ebay, its a rayon linen mix, the weave is quite open, it is drapey but with a nice stand. Due to the fabric’s loose weave I had to line it.

Zinnia skirt and two arms.

My measurements put me in a size 6 for the waist and a 12 for the hips but I chose size 6 due to the given finished garment measurements. I don’t really get how some people finish this skirt in a couple of hours (as stated on other blogs) it took me several evenings to finish it. There were no mishaps along the way, my first pleating went smoothly, as did the in seam pockets and the invisible zip (which came out invisible enough for me, my machine doesn’t have a special foot so I had to make do).

After I finished the pleats however, I found the skirt waist looked really small, which made me reduce the side seam allowance by 1cm each side ( I added 2cm to the waistband as well), so the skirt came out a bit wider. Wearing it showed me this was quite uneccessary- the skirt was a bit too loose at the waist. I added the belt loops and with a belt was fine, although the extra width bunched a bit above the belt. I was quite disappointed because it looked excellent, but kept shifting around when worn.

Invisible zip, improvised lining and buttonhole

I’ve been using past tense here because I since put on a bit of weight and the skirt is perfect now! I’m glad I didn’t unpick it to take it in. Wohoo!

As lots of others already stated, the waistband instructions are not the best- I ignored them and attached the waistband my usual way. I ironed in the fold and the 1.5 cm seam allowance on one long side. I then attached the other side to the skirt, put the right sides together, finished the short sides, clipped the seam allowances and turned it right sides out again. I then didn’t bother stitching in the ditch but sewed a straigth line close to the ditch, catching the pre-ironed seam allowance on the inside. Done and neat.

I know, one arm again…

I’ve since made a second Zinnia in a dark green rayon linen mix which will appear on the blog soon.



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