Liz Dress


I made this dress for a 7-year-old to wear at a wedding. It’s the Liz Dress from La Maison Victor Mai/June 2016. The back issue wasn’t available in German anymore, so I ordered the French version of the magazine, which worked out alright (lots of pictures to help).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOther than with the Mitch Jumper, I went with size 122 and the fit is spot on. The jersey is from Stoff und Stil and the jersey bias binding (60 cm) from a local shop. The magazine states you would need 130 cm for the dress in this size, which I found very generous. Since my fabric doesn’t have a directional repeat, I only needed around 90 cm!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI only made one modification and that is the waist- it tuned out way too big for the elastic to fit even if streched massively. So I took the dress in by 2cm at each side seam, tapering out to normal at the sleeves. This meant a whoppoing 8 cm less in circumference at the waist but I still only barely managed tostretch the elastic enough to make it fit.

I serged the side seams and used a zig zag stich  for the neckline binding, the elasticated waist and sleeve and skirt hems. This won’t be the last Liz dress! I am beginning to really like La Maison Victor patterns.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



6 thoughts on “Liz Dress

    1. Thanks! Yes, it makes for an easy everyday dress, but with the rigth fabric it can look fancy as well. You might want to choose a very elastic elastic or take the waist in a bit in order to spare yourself from cursing a lot.

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