Odette Shirt


Having a look at my last couple of projects, I cannot go on saying I don’t usually sew with knit fabrics. I discovered this rayon jersey at my local fabric shop for just 2 Euros a metre, so I bought it, thinking I could make another Bronte Top. However, pregnancy sort of ruled that one out. Around that time the La Maison Victor 04/2017 was published and the Odette Shirt looked suitable for the fabric. I also chose it because I thought it might serve as maternity wear but still be wearable tucked in a high waisted skirt after the pregnancy. I bought a metre and the given fabric amount for my size was pretty accurate.


  • I lengthened the shirt by 3 cm
  • As a result of that, the curved hem looked funny, so I straigthened it.
  • I improvised some waist and hip shaping, because despite being pregnant, there was lots of  fabric pooling around the waist  and I wanted a bit more room in the hips.
  • I serged the inside seams and finished the hem with a twin needle.
As you can see, I did a poor job pattern matching the back and front pieces, although I really tried.
That’s how my altered paper pattern looks like.

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