Tiger Onesie

Don’t be afraid, this blog won’t turn into a mommy blog, but until my body keeps its shape again for a reasonable strech of time, I will keep sewing for others (read: the baby).



I am still short on baby clothes in the smallest sizes, so I made this onesie in a 56. The free pattern (Tigerlilly’s Tiger Onesie) comes in three sizes (56-68) and with a useful tutorial. For a free pattern, this is well executed. There are just some tiny aspects missing: the button placement and the instructions to interface the jersey in these parts.


I sewed the whole thing on my overlocker apart from the topstitching, which I used a narrow zig zag stitch for. My very basic machine has no option to change the presser foot settings, so the topstiched parts streched out and looked a bit wavy- but I steamed the whole thing flat again.



Once I see whether the fit is alright and the onesie is practical and easy to put on the baby, I will make the other two sizes as well since this is a very quick project indeed.

Update: The fit is excellent. But I don’t think I will make more just now, because although it is cute and warm, this type of garment isn’t the most practical if you have to change diapers every few hours.



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