Tiger Pyjamas

IMG_3560You will be glad to hear that I finally used up my spotted lilac fabric after a whooping 4 items of kids clothing ( I think I had two metres, the other three finished items are: Quinn, Finn and Liz).

I know I’ve been praising La Maison Victor patterns over the past weeks on this blog. And I haven’t changed my mind, but this is the first pattern I have something to complain about. These are the Tiger Pyjamas (La Maison Victor March April 2017) which I made in size 68. And that’s where my first problem starts. The proportions look a bit off- while the body seems quite generous to fit a chubby baby, the sleeves seem rather short. I compared them with shop bought clothing and they are as long as most of my size 50/56 stuff. Next time I make this I will definitely lengthen the sleeves or the sleeve ribbing by a couple of centimetres.

The second thing I am not happy with about this pattern are the instructions for where to apply interfacing in order to make the fabric durable enough for snap closures. The pattern tells you to interface only one piece (the front piece of the neckline facing). It is not clear to me however, why I am supposed to only interface the front and not the back piece as well. By the time I realised this it was too late. Luckily, the oppurtunity to interface the single layer crotch pattern  piece was still there, so that’s what I did. I am now hoping for the best- I used quality snap closures especially for jersey fabrics, so hopefully the fabric won’t rip anytime soon.



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