Nand Sweater


My La Maison Victor spree continues- I made the Nand Sweater (Issue May/June 2017) for my husband. Instead of the scuba fabric the jumper was designed for I chose a thin summer sweat from Stoff&Stil and it worked beautifully. He was between sizes, but I opted for size S because of his chest measurement being the biggest. What can I say- the rest fit like a glove right out of the envelope- no modifications neccessary to make the jumper fit! Gotta love that!

It was my first time using striped fabric which I was careful to pattern match along the seams. This proved time consuming while cutting out the fabric and it nearly led to me not having enough fabric. I had the 1,30 m as given for his size and in the end I had about a centimetre to spare because I took care to make the stripes nice and even and still work with the grainline properly.




  • I omitted the pocket so I had to change the ribbing pattern piece.
  • I pieced together the three pattern pieces for the sleeves, so they were normal sleeves (I didn’t fancy pattern matching with the stripey fabric too much

We both are 100% happy with how this jumper turned out- and it won’t be the last!




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