Lou and Jim


Three pairs of pants in a couple of hours- not too bad! I tried two different patterns and used leftover fabrics, as well as leftover and new ribbing.

The striped pants and the cream pants are La Maison Victor’s Lou Pants (September/October 2017), both in a size 56. But instead of just hemming the legs and working with encased elastic for the waistband I used ribbing everywhere- it’s more useful for babies (no strings, the pants stay where they are…) and it made the pants a little longer (which hopefully results in them getting more wear). I really like the pattern, especially the front yoke, it makes for a nice change and a pretty design feature. All my pattern matching skills got used up for the striped pair though, with the cream one I wasn’t so lucky. The sweat fabrics are leftover from this cardigan and this jumper (both Stoff and Stil fabrics).

The grey pants are La Maison Victor’s Jim Pants in a size 62 (September/ October 2016). They feature a two piece back yoke, but in a small size like this, the back yoke is only about an inch high, which I don’t really like. It doesn’t seem worth the effort of having two extra pattern pieces. I omitted all the pockets for this pattern because the baby who will wear them, won’t even know their own hands- so why put pockets on baby clothes? I don’t think I’ll make them again, I like the Lou design better. The main fabric is a wool mix, slightly elastic, which I had in my stash for a few years now.



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