Baby Set

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter complaining about the baby sewing books I took out of the library I will now present you baby clothes from the book I actually bought,  Alles Jersey by Lissi Wilbat. I decided to buy that book because for once I found the sample clothes appealing, the patterns in the book wearable and aesthetically pleasing and the size range big enough. From the three pieces of clothing I made so far I can say I found the paper patterns well made and the instructions very clear.


I made a little scarf (one size), a jumper and some leggins (both size 62).  The jumper is too wide for a size 62 (or my baby is really narrow shouldered) but I think it will fit later, the scarf fits perfectly and the leggins are an excellent fit as well for my size 56 baby (mind you, the feet just so fit, I probably shouldn’t have altered the pattern piece AND omitted the seam allowance). I made scarf and jumper as instructed without changes but modified the leggins. I cut a size 62 without adding seam allowance since I wanted to use the leggins as underwear (which shouldn’t be too baggy). The pattern piece for the foot was quite large compared to my baby’s feet, so I chopped off a centimetre at the toes. I also didn’t want to insert elastic at the waist or use ribbing, so I cut a strip of my fashion fabric (33×9 cm) and used that instead of ribbing.

The fabrics are all leftovers from previous projects and are from Stoff&Stil (apart from the plain purple jersey).



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