I made a book


In a family of book nerds ( I will never move again!) the baby needed a book as well. So while she happily rolled around on her blanked, I rummaged through my scraps and whipped up a baby appropriate book: she can suck at it, try to eat it, throw it around  without any visible damage. Hopefully in a couple of weeks she’ll find it visually interesting as well.


What I did was basically this: I randomly sewed my scraps together ( all different weights and structures so that the feel different as well) and then cut out 26×12 cm rectangles. I embellished some of the rectangles with machine stitching, and trims and then always sewed two pieces of fabricright sides together leaving a small opening for turning. I trimmed the seam allowance (especially at the corners), turned the and closed the hole unceremoniously with machine stitching ( I didn’t even change thread colour). I then stacked my 4 pages on top of one another, sneaked a little loop between them and stitched them together right through the middle.


It’s not my neatest work but I couldn’t be bothered since I wanted it done fore her to play with. If you wanted to make this as a gift (or for a perfectionist baby) you shouldn’t mix stretch and woven fabrics, give the pages a prper press, change thread colours and most importantly , dont’t make them all the same size. Make sure the front/back cover piece is slightly larger and the middle page slightly smaller than the other two pages, or they will sneak out like mine.


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