Ondee Top

WVDL4044A recent trip to Berlin offered some photo opportunities (although these are just phone snaps) for my new Ondee Top from Deer and Doe. This is my wearable muslin, made out of a light green cotton jersey from the Dutch fabric market.

My chest measurement put me in a size 40, but I went for size 38 due to this being  a stretchy fabric and me hopefully not breastfeeding for all eternity. I took the pattern as is with only two minor adjustments: I lengthened it by 1 cm and I used less seam allowance in the chest area for the side seams.

The (in these photos quite visible)  fabric gathers around the right sleeve and the draglines at front neckline are entirely my fault. I even quatered the binding pieces and pined them prior to sewing but they still puckered. And since I directly serged them on I couldn’t be bothered undoing it. I might redo the sleeve at some point.


For my next version I will add another 1,5 cm to the length and I will make a narrow shoulder adjustment tor the back bodice pattern piece, since there is some fabric pooling I’d like to get rid of. And I will baste the binding on before serging….

Even though it is not perfect, I will wear it, because it goes well with my high-waisted Zinnia skirts. I am also thinking of turning it into a normal-length top by using the lower part of the Bronte Top pattern.


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