Stoff & Stil Bedsnake


When I went to Stoff & Stil in Berlin I couldn’t resist buying this pattern for a bedsnake I saw in a nursery display. The sample was made using linen, but I went for cotton because it was  cheaper and hopefully easier to wash. At 3,55 m length this snake is perfect for wrapping around the baby during naptime to make a nest but it is also handy to function as a cushion around hard furniture. Eventually it will take on its function as a bedsnake to avoid the baby banging its head against the sides of the bed.


I am wildy happy about how this snake  came out, the pattern itself is well drafted and the way the triangles are marked helps a lot to get them really neat in the end (no pointy edges lost in the side seam). I had one major problem though, and that is Stoff & Stil’s inexplicably wasteful pattern piece layout. The pattern tells you to purchase 165 cm of the main fabric and 125 cm of the other colour (both 140cm wide), which I did, because there wasn’t any time for research. This was way too much- turns out that 120 cm of the main fabric  and only 40 cm !!!! of the second colour were more than enough. Only the given amount for the filling (1040 grams) was reasonable- I needed 900 grams.


The layout in the pattern envelope tells you to use the fabric in a single layer and cut each triangle individually, tip pointing upwards. Since they are isosceles triangles though, you can put them right next to each other, every second one upside down and you save not only fabric but also lots of cutting time. I also used my fabric in a double layer. I presumed the pattern layout is for fabrics with a directional pattern- but for a stuffed animal a directional repeat isn’t your first choice, is it? It would be a hell of lot more customer friendly to say on the envelope that the given amounts are for patterned fabrics which cannot be used upside down.

I contacted customer service to point this out, and got the answer that, yes, the fabric amount refers to fabrics with a directional repeat. So why not write that on the envelope? The lady from customer service then said she thinks I will find something else to do with my leftover fabric (which I found a bit cynical). Of course I will, but I’d rather not buy three times the amount I need in the first place.

If you make the snake I recommend not just leaving one hole for turning (I left the middle belly seam open a bit) but also two more openings in the side seam, one in first third of the snake and one in the last third as this makes stuffing the head and tail easier. I stuffed both ends until 10 cm to the side seam openings and then closed those openings by machine accessing them trough the unfinished belly seam, which is fiddly but makes for a neat finish. After the whole snake was stuffed I hand stitched the belly opening shut with a matress stitch.



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