Brondee Frankenpattern

IMG_5453I’m back blogging with a frankenpatterned T-shirt. This tee is a combination of Deer and Doe’s Ondee (top part) and Jennifer Lauren’s Bronte (chest downwards). I originally bought this beautiful and quite unique fabric (Stoff&Stil) especially for a tee and took extra care planning and making wearable toiles in order not to waste it. The metre I had was not enough for a Bronte, so I merged the two patterns in order to use as much fabric as possible. Therefore it is a shame that the fit isn’t ideal.


I made both, the Bronte and the Ondee before, so I thought combining the two would result in a well fitting t-shirt. But the devil is in the detail. My first Ondee used a drapier jersey- the purple fabric is stiffer and has more body due to it being 100% cotton. My first Ondee had a bit of excess fabric at the shoulders and neck, so this time, I made a narrow shoulder adjustment (on both front and back pieces) and took excess fabric out of the shoulder seams by sewing a less steep seam towards the neckline. However, there is still excess fabric and now there are draglines visible as well.


I still like the Ondee, so next time, I will trace a 36 for shoulders and sleeves and then blend into a 38 for the chest. I think I still need to do a narrow shoulder adjustment, though.

Not a millimetre too much fabric- Quinn front and back and Ondee sleeveband

If you order online at Stoff&Stil they will cut the fabric generously (I had more than 1 m) so I did some jigsaw puzzling to use every last scrap of the fabric and made another La Maison Victor Quinn tee for my eldest kid. You will be relieved to hear there were not fitting issues at all.



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