For a Future Novelist


I’ve been promising my husband a case for his newly acquired laptop for weeks now. Once I got started it was ridiculously speedy to make. I took inspiration from this tutorial, but I added an extra pocket for the charger and I didn’t follow the instructions on how to work the bottom because it gives a much nicer result to simply leave an opening in the lining for turning the whole thing around and then close this opening as the last step.


I used a fairly sturdy but still supple (I know that sounds contradictory, not my fault, the fabric is weird that way) main fabric for the outside, leftover cotton for the inside and leftover quilt batting. The instructions say to add an extra inch to the laptop’s measurements and then go for a 5/8 inch seam allowance- which I thought was a bit much (especially since I have the odd experience with gadet cases turning out too snug). And I think 2x 5/8 inch equals more than the original inch added….(or I misread the instructions…). So I went for just below 1 cm seam allowance and I am SOOOOOOOO grateful I did since the case just so fits (next time I will add more than an inch and still only go for a centremitre of seam allowance). The snugness might be also due to my fairly voluminous batting but I hope it will flatten out just the way it did with all my quilts. If your’e planning on making a case like this you should cut back the batting vigourously when trimming the seams and especially at the top and bottom (I think I shaved of nearly an inch at the bottom).



Next time, I would add a pleat to the front pocket for the charger in order to make it fit in there without too much strain on the fabric/pressure on the laptop.


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