Watercolour Bunnies, Golden Trees and Chalk


It is just plain awesome how fast sewing can be! The second of those jumpers took me 10 minutes to cut out and 30 minutes to sew. There are just 14 very short seams, all of which can be done on an overlocker. Making a pattern more than once is truly worth it- no pattern tracing, no fit adjustments, no puzzling over the construction.


Both these jumpers are the Kuschelpullover from Lizzie Wilbat’s baby sewing book Alles Jersey. I cut a size 80 without seam allowances (just too lazy) and lengthened the body and sleeves by 2 cm. The fit is excellent on my 11 month old baby. The tree fabric is summer sweat and the bunny one a heavy cotton jersey both from Stoff&Stil (whose selection and quality of fabrics I adore, but whose customer service managed to disappoint me a second time already). It’s a real stash buster, too: If you use a different fabric for the inner bit of the turtleneck and cut the outer bit with a side seam, you can squeeze the jumper out of 40×140 cm of fabric.


My baby needed a hat as well, so I made the one from the book, only to realise it would fit my 9-year-old. So I went online and found the perfect pattern in Lila wie Liebe’s Supermüzz. I made size 47/48 and the fit and shape of the hat is excellent on my baby’s 48.5 cm head, there is even room for growing without it looking too big. The fabric are leftovers from other projects, the straps are jersey bias binding sewn shut with a zig zag stitch.


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