Tulip Skirt by Sew Over It

The wrinkly glory comes from me having worn the skirt for a full day before taking the pictures.

Meet my very comfortable and extremely versatile new Tulip Skirt! I was drawn to this skirt because I relly like the overall shape and it says in the description that it has a curved waistband, which I felt I needed after my rather disappointing Delphine Skirt.

I got the pattern for my birthday and had it printed onto an A0 sheet at an online copy shop just a few days later. According to my waist measurments I fall between a 10 and 12, so I traced an 11 by drawing a new pattern line just between the 10 and 12. I used the back darts of size 12 though. I then made a quick toile out of an old bedsheet because my hip measurements would have put me in a 14 (uneccessary worry, size 11 is perfect at the hips), and then pondered my fabric options. It says on the envelope you should opt for medium woven fabrics with a bit of body but the sample picture looks more like a crepe to me. Well, in the end I went for a medium weight cotton from Stoff&Stil I originally inteded to use for my Chataigne Shorts but which I feared to be too bulky for many layers at the seams and the pointy yoke. The fabric is really opaque but still has quite a bit of drape due to the unusual weave (sorry, no close up photo), it is comparable in weight to a good quality canvas.

I used a light cotton voile for the pockets because I didn’t fancy too much bulk there.

Apart from my size 11 choice I only changed one more thing and that was to go for a 1 cm seam allowance for the back zip. I adore the fit of this skirt. It is extremely comfortable, the waistband doesn’t gape anywhere and the body of the skirt hangs beautifully. Made in a plain colour it goes with many a top in my closet, so it will definitely not be the last one I made (especially because I only needed 1m of fabric). I think I will make a 1cm swayback adjustment for my next version but other than that- no hassle!

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