Liv Business by Pattydoo

IMG_1254On my quest for the perfect t-shirt I think I found a new contestant for the first place. I previously tried Odette by La Maison Victor (only fine when I was pregnant), a copy from a Dorothy Perkins Top (fine, although highly dependent on the right fabric choice), the Bronte Top by Jennifer Lauren (great) and Deer and Doe’s Ondee (after two versions there is still stuff I need to alter). My newest take is Liv Business by German pattern designer Pattydoo. The pattern comes with various neckline options and different sleeve lengths. What initially drew me to the pattern was the slash neck, so I went for that, combined with short sleeves.

I stitched the neckline binding to the overlooked seam allowance after I took these pictures.

I am really pleased with the result! I made a size D and did let out the side seams a bit at the hip and I shortened the whole thing by 3 cm but other than that I didn’t change anything. Next time, I will let out the side seams a bit more (I alredy altered my pattern piece) and I will opt for a wider hem. I just folded over my overlocked edge and it keeps flapping to the outside (which might also be due to the viscose jersey I used).


This patterns is really well drafted and at 3 Euros a real bargain. I just wish Pattydoo would offer copyshop PDFs because taping together some thirty plus pages is not fun at all. At least there were instructions which pages to print for which option. But still, the way the pattern drawings are layed out ( each size is spaced apart from its neighbours by a centimetre) might make them easy to trace but it is a waste of paper.

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