My husband recently took me on a daytrip to the city of Jena and he even researched possible fabric shops for me to visit. The one I ended up in wasn’t on his list but was discovered by accident because I liked the look of the street it is on.

Nevermind, Kabuff is the name of the shop where I found the pattern for this purse and where I had a delicous stack tower of pancakes (yes, they are fabric shop and cafe combined). I think that is an excellent business idea and it worked out well with this shop, although for my taste the whole place is a bit too girly. I didn’t buy any fabrics because the two I liked had polyester in them and apart from outerwear, underwear, tights and a few remnant pieces of clothing I bought years ago, I will only wear natural fibres and shop accordingly.


What I did like in the shop though was a shop sample of a little purse (made from yellow linen) which they sold the pattern for and kits as well. I originally intended to buy only the pattern, but it was quite pricey on its own (given that it is hand drawn and the instructions were printed with a low quality home printer). So I got a kit in the end, which included the two required fabrics as well as interfacing and two Kam Snaps. The stocked kit options were quite girly and the linen of the sample was nowhere to be seen, so I settled on this triangular fabric instead.

The instructions were easy to follow and while the type of construction doesn’t result in the neatest result you could think of, I was drawn to the clever design which included an extra coin purse inside.

Apart from replacing the plastic Kam Snaps with metal Prym snap closures for longevity (they will be opened several times a day) I didn’t change anything else. The purse comfortably fits notes, coins and a few cards in individual compartments, so I would classify this as a successful make. Plus the the fact that I am biased because I loved my surprise trip and this purse will forever remind me of it.



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