Kelly Skirt


Summer of linen! This skirt went straight from the machine into heavy rotation. The linen is very airy – perfect for the current heatwave. I bought the linen in a local fabric shop where it was advertised as a linen/viscose mix but I am pretty sure there is not much (if not none at all) viscose contained. I liked the colour- a subtle grey green- which I think goes with a lot of my clothes without looking too drab.


This is my second version of the Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt and I changed quite a bit to improve the fit. First, I slimmed down the waistband considerably. Then I added 2cm to the back pleat and 1,5 cm to the front pleat to accommodate the big difference between my waist and hip measurements, because my first version had lots of gaping. And then I decided to follow the actual instructions for vertical buttonholes for the button band (rather than thinking I knew best), which indeed makes sewing on the buttons much easier (mind you I still had to do the majority of them twice to get them spaced correctly). I also added belt hoops because at the back of my waist there is still a bit waistband gaping involved. I guess I could take in the waist a centimetre or two more, but I cannot be bothered to change anything about this version, it looks and feels great with a belt.


I had a minor scare when my machine messed up the waistband buttonholes, but in the end they were salvageable, and due to the heathered fabric it is not visible at all.

I really enjoy wearing it and I can see myself making another modified version of the skirt. The only downside is that now, with the modified pattern, the two skirt pieces don’t fit on the fabric next to each other any more, so this skirt needs 1,30 m of fabric instead of just 1 metre.

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