Seamwork Kimmy


After I joined Seamwork for the year and began research on the first patterns I wanted to make, I read that several people had cancelled their subscription, some of them because they didn’t like Seamwork’s drafting. This made me a bit nervous- did I just spend so much money on patterns that will be a pain to fit?

Turns out, everything is fine. I made three patterns so far, the Rory Top, the Gretta Top (yet to be blogged) and the Kimmy Dress. And apart from the Gretta Top, which is indeed oversized width-wise; I am really content with Seamwork. The reduced price unlimited membership makes each pattern extremely good value. The instructions and sizing information are splendid, and with each new pattern you will see staff members’ makes (including their body measurements and modifications). The only (very slight) disagreement I have is that they claim all their patterns can be completed in just a couple of hours. Of course, I could be slower than others, and yes, the Rory Top was a quick make, but this dress definitely took longer than just two or three hours.


Nevermind, let’s talk about the dress. It is a very summery and easy to wear style. I particularly like the shoulder detail- I don’t like the look of most sleeveless dresses, but the whole sleeve/shoulder situation on this dress means it is airy but still doesn’t look sleeveless.

I made a size 4 (my measurements put me in a 6 but the 4 was already a win with the Rory Top) for the top and a size 8 skirt (graded to a 4 at the waist starting just above the pockets). I also made some minor changed so the pattern- I omitted the center seams for both bodice pieces and I also raised the V on both the back and front pattern pieces. I then drafted my own facing for the neckline (spoiler alert- less isn’t more, I wish I had used a decently sized facing, mine is a bit on the slim side. Additionally, because my fabric is a bit transparent, I lined the skirt with a thin cotton gauze. And I made my own drawstring.

The resulting dress is an absolute win! The fit is spot on, it is comfortable yet looks put together and I got away with only 1,30m of fabric (even less would do if it weren’t for the pockets). It has pockets (which turned out perfect, very helpful pattern markings)


3 thoughts on “Seamwork Kimmy

  1. It looks great! I’ve also had a good experience with Seamwork and am just careful with which patterns I pick. Favourites are the Adelaide dress, Oslo cardigan and Almada robe, amongst others. This looks like another one to add to my list. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I made three patterns so far and two have been an absolute success. I think I will continue to size down for the bodices of patterns. Thanks for the recommendation, I already downloaded the Oslo Cardigan, but I need to make some shorts first.


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