Another Seamwork Rory Top


I joined Seamwork because I was smitten with the Rory Top. I therefore present my second version (see the first here). Again, this is a size 4, albeit my bust measurement puts me in a 6. I changed only two things: I straightened the side seams taking off 2 cm at the waist (8 cm around in total) because I felt the extra width there was unneccessary. And I added 1 cm of length to the back and side seams.

Top pulled down for illustration purposes

An area I didn’t have to alter at all (which is becoming rare) is the neckline- no gaping at all. Recently I noticed in older makes and new patterns that half of the time I need to change the neckline/shoulder area- even with knit fabrics.


I love it. I might just have three skirts to wear it with (some of my high waisted bottoms are just not the right colour) but I really like the top’s neckline and sleeves, especially in this grey-blue crepe-jersey. I am considering omitting the waist ties and lengthening the top to make a version to be worn tucked in.


I might have complained in my last Seamwork post that it takes me much longer than “a couple of hours” to realise one of their patterns, but this top is a quick make (if the paper pieces are ready and there is not fitting to be done).  Mind you, what is time consuming though is removing the gathering stitches. The best thing about this pattern is that it only took 70 cm of fabric (1,40 m wide), so it is either a real bargain or a chance to make something out of a rather pricey fabric.


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