Liz Dress

I made this dress for a 7-year-old to wear at a wedding. It’s the Liz Dress from La Maison Victor Mai/June 2016. The back issue wasn’t available in German anymore, so I ordered the French version of the magazine, which worked out alright (lots of pictures to help). Other than with the Mitch Jumper, I … More Liz Dress

Mitch Sweater

Did it take me days to finish? Was the first fitting frustrating because of all the modifications the jumper needed to fit? Did it come out ok but won’t get much wear? Was the material and pattern expensive? NO! I finished this jumper before breakfast (mind you I had my paper pattern pieces ready the … More Mitch Sweater


I made these potholders for my grandmas for Christmas. I didn’t really follow any pattern, I just cut  two 20cm (8 inch) squares out of leftover fabric and sandwiched them with two layers of thermolam (Vlieseline 272). For the pockets I used either rectangular 13×20 cm scraps  or triangular pieces half the size of the … More Potholders

la coperta

This is another rendition of my go to baby quilt, this time for a little lady who has a German mum and an Italian dad. The construction of this blanket is identical to the Twin Quilts I made last year. That’s really all there is to say.


No surprises here, after my success with the polar bear one, I made two more open wide zippered pouches (tutorial by Anna Graham here) and what can I say- my topstitching improved. I even added fancy golden quilting, because golden thread makes everything look better. The blue one is the small size. I used old … More More

Double fold wallet

This is another pattern from Anna Graham’s Handmade Style. Initially this was planned only as a prototype but since it turned out pretty good it is now a usable muslin. All the fabrics are leftovers from other projects (outer fabric is a Cotton&Steel canvas). I also didn’t have two zippers of the same colour, so … More Double fold wallet

Carry-all pincushion

This is the Carry-all Pincushion from  Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  I followed the pattern to the word apart from the placement of the scissors strap. I also made the pouch for the crushed walnut shells, crushed my walnuts with a hammer, and filled the rest of the pincushion with quilt batting scraps.  It sits securely … More Carry-all pincushion

Triangular Pouches

Need a last minute gift? Want to use up small fabric scraps? This triangular pouch is my go-to project for quick satisfaction. I drafted the pattern myself based on a 16 cm zipper (this tutorial outlines the construction method). I sandwiched a layer of fusible interfacing or quilt batting (whatever leftovers I had to hand) … More Triangular Pouches


  My friend Anna has a very simple leather coinpurse with two compartments. Since I couldn’t get my hands on decent leather scraps I developed a pattern for fabric coinpurses. I used canvas weight throughout and I also enforced the outer fabric with fusible interfacing (both to make it less sloppy and to hold up … More Coinpurses