Drawstring Bags

My kid’s future daycare needs two laundry bags in order to store additional clothing. I jumped at the oppurtunity to use some of my stashed cottons (both Stoff&Stil) and made two drawstring bags. I used the proposed measurements from this tutorial and sewed up one child sized and one adult sized bag. The child’s version … More Drawstring Bags

Christmas gifts

Although I have started on a T-Shirt which I intend to finish and blog about soon, there wasn’t much time to sew in the last couple of weeks. However, I managed to make some pouches for friends of mine for Christmas in several 20-minute-installments. I was able to cut out all the fabrics in one … More Christmas gifts

Notebook Case

There isn’t much to say about this notebook case other than that I bought a new notebook for work ( a small and light one- my back was killing me with the big one) and needed a case for it. I measured the circumference, added 5 cm in each direction and made a paper pattern. … More Notebook Case

Tri-fold wallet

My new wallet is the tri-fold wallet from Lisa Lam’s book A bag for all Reason (German title Taschen für alle Gelegenheiten). The wallet has 8 card slots (although the instructions say it’s only 6) a clever coin compartment (without zipper or fastners) and a slot for notes. I like it and I will use … More Tri-fold wallet


No surprises here, after my success with the polar bear one, I made two more open wide zippered pouches (tutorial by Anna Graham here) and what can I say- my topstitching improved. I even added fancy golden quilting, because golden thread makes everything look better. The blue one is the small size. I used old … More More

Polar Bear Pouch

At first I was sceptical whether I liked the exposed zipper end of this pouch design. But I needed a bag to keep my threads and spools in that would open wide so I wouldn’t have to rummage in it for ages to find the thread I was looking for. Now the pouch is finished I … More Polar Bear Pouch

Double fold wallet

This is another pattern from Anna Graham’s Handmade Style. Initially this was planned only as a prototype but since it turned out pretty good it is now a usable muslin. All the fabrics are leftovers from other projects (outer fabric is a Cotton&Steel canvas). I also didn’t have two zippers of the same colour, so … More Double fold wallet

Shoulder Strap Clutch

  This clutch/handbag sort of manifested itself in my head right after bought the fabric (this wool/poly blend from Frau Tulpe in Berlin). I do own a handful of handbags but I have been using the same old black artificial leather one for nearly 8 years now, except for special occasions. I usually like my … More Shoulder Strap Clutch

Carry-all pincushion

This is the Carry-all Pincushion from  Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  I followed the pattern to the word apart from the placement of the scissors strap. I also made the pouch for the crushed walnut shells, crushed my walnuts with a hammer, and filled the rest of the pincushion with quilt batting scraps.  It sits securely … More Carry-all pincushion