Liz Dress

I made this dress for a 7-year-old to wear at a wedding. It’s the Liz Dress from La Maison Victor Mai/June 2016. The back issue wasn’t available in German anymore, so I ordered the French version of the magazine, which worked out alright (lots of pictures to help). Other than with the Mitch Jumper, I … More Liz Dress

Second Zinnia

  Zinnia skirt, the second (here’s the first). This time I didn’t change anything, so I kept the seam allowances as written, and the fit is spot on. Funnily enough, although this fabric is  also a rayon linen mixture, just as the first, it behaves quite differently. Firstly, it is much more prone to creasing. … More Second Zinnia

Mitch Sweater

Did it take me days to finish? Was the first fitting frustrating because of all the modifications the jumper needed to fit? Did it come out ok but won’t get much wear? Was the material and pattern expensive? NO! I finished this jumper before breakfast (mind you I had my paper pattern pieces ready the … More Mitch Sweater

Zinnia Skirt

Meet my Colette Zinnia Skirt! This was my first version and I didn’t do a muslin but it fits! I bought the fabric on Ebay, its a rayon linen mix, the weave is quite open, it is drapey but with a nice stand. Due to the fabric’s loose weave I had to line it. My … More Zinnia Skirt

Notebook Case

There isn’t much to say about this notebook case other than that I bought a new notebook for work ( a small and light one- my back was killing me with the big one) and needed a case for it. I measured the circumference, added 5 cm in each direction and made a paper pattern. … More Notebook Case

Future Plans

I’ve sewn a bit in the past weeks and I will blog the projects as soon as the weather allows. In the meantime I thought I show you my sewing plans for the next months. I bought five lengths of fabric while on holiday in England and here’s what I intend to do with it: … More Future Plans

Moss Skirt

I’ve been eyeing Grainline’s Moss Skirt for a long time before I ordered the pattern- I am glad I did, although this first version took many hours indeed.This version intended as a muslin but turned out sort of wearable. The fabric used to be curtains, it’s a midweight cotton, soft to the touch because of … More Moss Skirt


I made these potholders for my grandmas for Christmas. I didn’t really follow any pattern, I just cut  two 20cm (8 inch) squares out of leftover fabric and sandwiched them with two layers of thermolam (Vlieseline 272). For the pockets I used either rectangular 13×20 cm scraps  or triangular pieces half the size of the … More Potholders